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Charter and Membership

Advisory Committee on Business/Commerce Development

In August 2009 the Planning Commission concluded a study on the potential for our community to grow and flourish.

This study recommended that Council take an active role to create/incubate a Chamber of Commerce. From this study:
We further recommend that an Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce be formed and fostered by the borough. A member of council could serve as a facilitator to forming the Chamber and keeping it active. The goal of this Chamber would be the same as any community's Chamber of Commerce; to foster and grow the businesses and the community. A prime tool could be joint marketing; billboards, signs, and newspaper advertisements featuring all the businesses and the community as a whole. A brochure featuring the business, the Lake, and listing our real estate firms (perhaps including outside advertisers for a fee) could be prepared. Open houses could be held with special discounts by the businesses and tours, by land and water, of the community.

The initial purpose of this Committee is to further explore this, or other business development opportunities.



Marc Alaia, Chair                             Marina
Don Reed Howard Hanna
Jim Dewar Indian Lake Golf Club
Jon Clapper Indian Lake Golf Club
Brenda Wasson Indian Lake Realty
Pat St.Clair Indian Lake Resort
Randy Smith NorthwindsGolf